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Fire alarms act as a vital early warning system. Ensuring the right system is installed and properly maintained could make all the difference when it comes to safe evacuation.

Planning, design and installation

An effective alarm plays an important role in alerting you to the outbreak of a fire, helping you locate the source
and to put your emergency response plans into action.

However, any fire alarm system is only effective when it is the correct one, tailored to your business, your premises and the
specifics of your environment. From different forms of detection to sensor placement, it all depends on the
right equipment and the best expertise.

At Pyrotec, we use the latest software and fire alarm technologies – although there is no substitute for our proven knowledge and experience in fire alarm installation on every scale.

Our team can design your solution for the maximum protection and benefit.


  • CDM plus ‘Principal Contractor’ experience;
  • Full acceptance of ‘design responsibility’;
  • ‘L5’ design capability, with applicable PI insurance;
  • F-Gas Approved Technicians.

Designing the perfect fire alarm

The planning and design of a fire solution is key to success.  Correct analysis of risk and designing a solution around our customers’ requirements, we will ensure a solution that fits perfectly.  From building a deep understanding of your site to sourcing systems from a huge range of manufacturers and partners, we’ll guide you alarm design and implementation from end-to-end.


Distinctly, we’re not aligned with a specific provider or type of system. We believe the best solution is the one that matches your environment, whether that’s an Open or Managed Protocol system, or needs additional features like radio transmission and air sampling.

#1 Plan

Our technical team will carry
out a full site survey to
assess your risk.

#2 Design

We’ll design a tailored fire
alarm system to protect you, your
staff and your business.

#4 Commission

Upon completion, a full commissioning
test will take place, with a comprehensive
handover to ensure complete satisfaction.

#3 Install

Installation will be completed, with every
system being rigorously tested
and verified.

Service and maintenance

Whether your system is one we designed or not, our team of expert technicians are available to service and
maintain your fire alarms and emergency lighting in strict accordance to British Standards 5839 Part 1 and BS 5266 Part 8, respectively.

Preventative maintenance is not only a requirement of current legislation, it also ensures that your fire safety system provides continuous coverage.  All our technicians are trained to service and maintain all types of equipment to the highest quality, regardless of manufacturer, with the added advantage of being able to service combined systems during one visit, thus offering peace of mind and a cost saving.

Continuous support from fire experts

Pyrotec provide robust and tailored service and maintenance packages that give you ongoing, always-available help in the event of fire alarm activation or failure.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year, our team offers guaranteed response in under four hours, to anywhere in the UK.

Whatever you need – and whenever you need it – we’re here to help.


Contact us to find out more about fire alarm installations or our service and maintenance plans