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We’ll install the ideal fire suppression system for any kind of environment

Fire suppression

Tackling a fire is about more than water. It’s about more than finding the right foam, or making sure your
extinguishers are properly placed.

When your business is on the line, the right Fire Suppression is tailored to your environment, balances swiftresponse against damage to your space, and tackles fires before they escalate.

At Pyrotec, we offer a comprehensive range of Fire Suppression systems, from
sprinklers to the most innovative new solutions. But, above all else, we add the
benefit of our specialist expertise in finding the right system for you.

A premium range of suppression systems

Gas Suppression Systems

Including Chemical and Synthetic
Fire Suppression, Inert Gas Fire
Suppression and Co2 Systems.
All supported by rigorous Room
Integrity Testing to ensure gas
suppression systems will meet
effectiveness standards.

Sprinkler Systems

Designed to standards and regulations
like BS EN 12845, Loss Prevention
Certification Board (LPCB) and FM
Global Regulations.

Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression Systems

Direct and indirect systems designed
to detect and extinguish fires at
the source – with no need for
external power.

Water Mist Systems

Rapid fire suppression with less
water consumption, designed to
minimise damage when compared
to traditional sprinklers.

Your ongoing partners in fire suppression

Beyond our Fire Suppression systems, you’ll get the peace of mind that only comes from a team
that’s focused on the very best customer service and support.

When it comes to understanding the different types of Fire Suppression that are available,
leave it our specialist team to guide you through making the right decision.

Then, for the life of your system, you’ll get 24-hour call out, training, servicing and maintenance,
so you can be sure you’re protected for years to come.


Contact us today to find out more about Pyrotec Fire Suppression