Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Tackle class A, B and F fires

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  • Manufactured in our UK factory
  • Used for tackling class A, B and F fires
  • An ECA-approved contractor

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

While wet chemical extinguishers are capable of putting out class A and B fires (those caused by organic materials and flammable liquids), they’re most notable for being able to extinguish class F fires (those caused by cooking oils and fats). Where water or foam would simply vaporise when applied to a cooking oil fire, the wet chemical solution contained in these fire extinguishers is capable of cooling the blaze and starving it of oxygen. Wet chemical extinguishers have also been designed in such a way that they don’t splash or spread the offending oil as the solution is applied.

When using a wet chemical extinguisher, it’s important to deploy the entire contents of the unit to let the solution go to work and prevent any chance of reignition.

Wet chemical extinguishers can be distinguished by the yellow band that runs around the top of the unit. It’s also worth noting that not all wet chemical extinguishers can tackle class B fires. You should check the front label of the extinguisher or call your provider if you’re uncertain.


Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Suppliers

Here at Pyrotec, we’re the leading supplier of wet chemical fire extinguishers throughout Brighton, Eastbourne and Crawley. Companies throughout the region trust us to handle their fire safety needs, and here’s why:

  • We are LPS1014 certified
  • We are SP-101 certified
  • We are an ECA-approved (excellence in electrotechnical engineering services) contractor 
  • We are an ELECSA Part P-approved contractor

All of our cooking fire extinguishers are made in Britain at our UK factory and tested rigorously to ensure that they are effective over the long term. As well as this, our extinguishers are:

  • Compliant with EN3-7
  • BSI Kitemarked with our unique KM number
  • Filled with the best foam and additives for superior fire ratings
  • Recycled at the end of their lifespan 

As well as supplying your wet chemical extinguishers and carrying out fire extinguisher installation, we can also carry out fire extinguisher maintenance to ensure that they remain fully operational and you stay legally compliant. We can even carry out unit siting in accordance with BS 5306-8, ensuring your extinguishers are placed in the right locations to save lives.

To learn more about wet chemical extinguishers, or to enquire about an order, contact our friendly team today.


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