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Sectors We Cover

Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd provides a comprehensive range of fire safety services to customers across a broad spectrum of industries. No matter the sector, our expert team has all the skills and experience to ensure your premises are fully fire safe in no time. Check out an overview of the sectors we operate in below: 

Construction Fire Protection

Construction sites have a vast range of equipment, materials and chemicals present, resulting in numerous fire hazards. At Pyrotec, we provide a comprehensive range of fire safety measures to ensure your site is safe and protected in an emergency event. Our BAFE-accredited team can create bespoke fire safety solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your site.

Education Fire Protection

With hundreds of students, staff and visitors on site at any given time, fire safety is crucial in all educational establishments. Pyrotec supplies and installs all the necessary fire safety equipment – including fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinkler systems and fire doors – to ensure that all building occupants remain safe in an emergency. We also offer fire risk assessments and can provide fire safety training to all staff and students, to make certain they’re risk-aware and familiar with evacuation procedures.

Factories & Industrial Fire Protection

On a daily basis, most factories work with a wide range of electrical equipment and combustible materials. This presents a variety of fire hazards, so having the correct fire safety measures in place is essential to minimise risk. Pyrotec supplies and installs a range of fire safety equipment that will keep your workforce safe in an emergency. Our experienced team is fully qualified to perform fire risk assessments, where we can identify all potential hazards at your factory or industrial site before suggesting methods to reduce the risk.

Hotel Fire Protection

Hotels can be a particularly dangerous setting for a fire due to the large number of people present who are unfamiliar with the building layout and evacuation procedures. Therefore, it’s vital to have all the correct fire safety equipment in place, to allow all building occupants extra time to escape. Pyrotec can help you with this; we supply and install all the fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, fire alarms and fire doors necessary to ensure your hotel complies with all regulatory requirements. We can also provide ongoing maintenance work on all fire safety systems, to make certain they’re always in good working condition so that your guests remain safe throughout their stay.

Leisure Centre Fire Protection

From swimming pools to gyms and saunas, leisure centres often contain a varied selection of electrical equipment and fire hazards. It’s important to have an effective fire prevention plan in place, to protect your customers and minimise risk. Here at Pyrotec, our time-served staff will work closely with you to tailor your fire safety measures according to the needs of your organisation. We can swiftly and efficiently install and maintain any fire safety equipment, resulting in minimal downtime for your business.

Office Fire Protection

Look around any office and it’s likely filled with a multitude of electrical appliances and flammable materials that increase fire risk. That’s where we come in; at Pyrotec, we recognise the importance of safeguarding office buildings from fires. We offer a range of office fire protection services, including fire risk assessments and the installation and maintenance of essential fire safety equipment. Our experienced team also provides fire safety training to educate all the designated fire wardens of your building. This minimises risk and helps to keep your workplace as safe as can be.

Public Sector Fire Protection

Here at Pyrotec, we recognise the importance of reducing fire risk in public sector buildings. The term ‘public sector building’ covers a wide variety of settings – from hospitals and schools to government offices – so it’s important to have fire safety measures that are specifically tailored to the location. Our BAFE-accredited team can work with you to create a safe environment for all employees, visitors and members of the public. We can perform a thorough fire risk assessment and install the necessary equipment to ensure your building is fully compliant with all fire safety legislation.

Retail Fire Protection

Busy retail environments typically have thousands of people coming and going on a daily basis. Therefore, for the safety of all visitors and staff, it’s vital that your premises are equipped with the correct fire safety measures. The team here at Pyrotec can install and maintain a comprehensive range of fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, fire doors and fire alarms. Our knowledgeable technicians work quickly and efficiently to ensure there is minimal downtime for your business. It’s vital that all commercial premises have a designated fire warden, and we can also provide all the necessary training to prepare them for their new role.

Sports Grounds Fire Protection

During special events, a sports ground can house thousands of people in close proximity. If the proper fire safety procedures are not implemented in these settings, the consequences could be catastrophic. Pyrotec are your local fire safety experts; our BAFE-accredited technicians have all the experience and knowledge necessary to handle projects of any size – from small, local sports grounds to larger stadiums. Like any location that accommodates large crowds, multiple fire wardens will be required at most sports grounds. The time-served team at Pyrotec can provide in-depth fire safety training to ensure all staff are fully aware of their responsibilities in an emergency. We can also supply and install a range of fire safety equipment, including safety signage that makes sure every evacuation route is clearly marked.

Transport Fire Protection

Public transport presents a whole host of fire safety challenges due to the presence of fuel and other combustible materials. Whether it is a train, bus, depot or station, Pyrotec is committed to providing the highest level of fire protection to all transportation systems. Our knowledgeable staff can perform a fire risk assessment to identify any potential hazards. We will then work with you to create a fire protection system specifically tailored to your premises or vehicles. We can install all the necessary fire alarms, extinguishers and fire suppression systems required by UK law, and we can even support you with ongoing maintenance work to ensure a safe environment for all passengers and staff.

Hospitality Fire Protection

Most hospitality establishments are particularly vulnerable to fires due to the amount of cooking equipment and electrical appliances they house. Luckily, Pyrotec can help to reduce these risks; our BAFE-accredited team is fully qualified to perform fire risk assessments, where we will identify potential fire hazards and make recommendations on how to minimise their danger. We can also ensure your business is fitted with the correct fire extinguishers, alarms and fire suppression systems; this gives you peace of mind and allows your customers to relax without worry.

Care Home Fire Protection

Care homes house one of the most vulnerable demographics in a fire; an emergency evacuation of elderly people may be hindered by limited mobility and health issues. Therefore, it’s crucial that the correct fire protection measures are in place. Here at Pyrotec, we install and maintain a range of fire safety equipment – including fire doors, extinguishers and fire alarms – to offer all building occupants extra time to escape. Our experienced team can also carry out a fire risk assessment, where we will fully consider the specific vulnerabilities of your residents and help you to devise the safest possible evacuation plan.

HMO Fire Protection

Houses in Multiple Occupation – or HMOs as they’re more commonly known – are bound by strict fire safety legislation, outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It is the duty of the designated ‘responsible person’ to ensure these regulations are being followed. Here at Pyrotec, we can collaborate closely with the HMO management to make sure your property is fully compliant with all UK fire safety rules. Our team can provide a range of HMO fire protection services, including the annual fire risk assessment and fire alarm and extinguisher maintenance required by law.

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