Halloween Fire Hazards You Need to Be Aware Of

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With October now upon us, most people’s minds immediately jump to Halloween: planning spooky costumes, buying gaudy decorations and curling up on the sofa with the scariest films you can stomach. However, most of us don’t stop to consider the additional fire hazards that the Halloween season poses. With that in mind, Pyrotec has compiled a list of the top Halloween dangers that you should be aware of this spooky season. 


Costume Catastrophes


Halloween costumes, by design, tend to be incredibly impractical. Flowing robes and draping sleeves may look cool, but they make it all too easy to brush by a naked flame unnoticed. This, coupled with hyperactive young children perhaps not being the most spatially aware, can be a recipe for disaster. The often flammable nature of fancy dress costumes can cause them to ignite rapidly upon contact with a naked flame. Although flammability testing has improved in recent years, it still leaves a lot to be desired. You should always check the label and ensure that the materials of your costume are fire resistant and comply with all UK safety standards. 


Decor Dangers

We know how it is: it’s October and you’re frantically digging through the loft to try and find last year’s Halloween paraphernalia. However, if you’re using plug in decorations then be sure to inspect all your stored items for fraying wires and damage. If you have multiple decorations to plug in, ensure that you aren’t overloading electrical outlets or extension cords. Additionally, although dangling decorations are Halloween staples, it is important to make certain that they are kept well away from any naked source of heat (including light bulbs and radiators) It is also vital to check your exits are free from decoration and everyone is able to freely enter and leave the room in the event of an emergency.


Unattended Candles


The candles adorning your house might provide an eerie ambience, but they are also one of the biggest fire hazards. You may assume that putting your candles inside a carved pumpkin greatly reduces the risk of an accidental fire. However, all it takes is one knock from an overexcited child and this could result in a very dangerous situation, especially if your pumpkin is left by overhanging decorations or curtains. It is advised that you stick to battery powered candles to decorate your home; they still create a spooky atmosphere but dramatically reduce the danger of anyone becoming hurt.




Pyrotechnics aren’t just saved for Bonfire Night; most retailers start their sales in mid October. Therefore, some people may choose to incorporate fireworks and sparklers as part of their Halloween celebrations. One errant firework can cause huge damage. In fact, the Children’s Burn Trust has found that over 550 children are taken to A&E with injuries in the four weeks surrounding Halloween and Bonfire Night alone. Consequently, it is vital that fireworks are only lit in a safe and controlled environment by a responsible adult.


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