How to Prevent Fires In the Office

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Despite past experiences and the knowledge that we have now gained about the importance of fire safety, thousands of workplace fires still occur each year, with many of them resulting in fatalities. Whether it’s putting employees and the public in harm’s way or devastating damage to property, office fires can have catastrophic consequences, so anything that can be done to prevent them, should be done.

In this article, the Pyrotec team will be going over some tips and measures that you can use to help prevent office fires, so you can have complete peace of mind that your building and its occupants are safe.

Be wary of overloading power sockets

One of the most dangerous things that you can do as a business is constantly overload power sockets, or use extension cables that are faulty and haven’t been properly PAT tested. Electrical fires are one of the most difficult types of fire to deal with, so to be on the safe side, be sure to keep as few appliances as possible plugged into an extension lead at any one time, and be sure that all appliances used in an office are properly tested first. It’s also a good idea to flat out avoid appliances that total more than 3000 watts on one socket.

Keep flammable materials away from radiators

Radiators are one of the biggest causes of fires in the workplace, so it’s absolutely essential that you keep areas with radiators free from anything flammable, such as fabric chairs and coat racks. If possible, it’s also a good idea to position radiators in places that aren’t too far out of people’s field of view; this means if a situation were to arise, it could be dealt with quickly.

Be sure to have designated smoking areas

Carelessly discarded cigarettes or smoking materials cause around 30% of all fire-related deaths in office buildings, and these scenarios usually arise due to a lack of clear guidance when it comes to smoking at work. In order to guard against smoking-related workplaces fires, a designated smoking area that’s at least a few metres away from the actual building should be established. There also needs to be a place for people to stub out and dispose of cigarettes that’s clearly marked.

Minimise kitchen appliances

These days, many offices have all kinds of appliances in a shared kitchen, including ovens, kettles, microwaves and toasters. All of these items can pose a fire risk if not handled properly or left unattended, so minimising the number of electrical appliances in your office kitchen is one way of preventing a fire. It’s also important to make sure that staff are properly briefed about the dangers of leaving cooking appliances unattended, so what you do keep is looked after well.

Pyrotec is one of the leading fire protection companies across Brighton, Eastbourne and Crawley. We have helped lots of businesses in the area improve their fire safety equipment and knowledge over the years, so if you think your business could benefit from our expertise, please get in touch and we will happily help you with anything you need.

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