What is the Most Important Fire Safety Equipment That Every Business Must Have?

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As a business, you have an obligation to keep your employees safe. If any harm comes to them whilst on your premises, you could be held responsible and even face legal action.

With this in mind, it’s important that you have appropriate fire safety equipment in place, so if a fire does break out you’re well prepared to deal with it.

In this article, our team at Pyrotec Fire Protection will outline some of the most important fire safety equipment that every business should have.



water coming out of fire sprinkler

One of the most effective pieces of fire safety equipment you can have installed is sprinklers. If a fire breaks out, the sprinklers can detect the blaze and activate spraying water or other extinguishing agents over the fire, putting it out and preventing it from spreading.

Water isn’t always an appropriate substance to use on a fire, which is why at Pyrotec Fire Protection we also provide sprinklers that release CO2, a chemical extinguishing agent and mist. All of the sprinklers we supply comply with BS EN 12845 standards, giving you additional peace of mind that you’re receiving the highest quality products.


Fire Doors

Circular blue Fire Door Keep Shut safety sign

It’s important for businesses that they have fire doors in place. If a fire does occur, these doors help assist with a quick and safe evacuation by containing the blaze in one room and slowing the spread as people leave the building. Many fire doors also come with seals that prevent smoke from escaping the room.

The fire doors that Pyrotec Fire Protection supply come in a variety of styles and types, and are able to keep a fire at bay for up to two hours. Our products are fully compliant with BS 476-22 and installed to BS 8214 standards.


Fire Extinguishers

six fire extinguishers lined up

Unsurprisingly, fire extinguishers are among the most fundamental aspects of any business’ fire safety procedure. It’s vital that all commercial premises are properly equipped with fully functional extinguishers that can be used during an emergency.

Every fire is different and will require a different type of extinguisher to handle it. At Pyrotec Fire Protection we regularly supply foam, water, CO2, powder, and wet chemical fire extinguishers to companies throughout Crawley, Brighton and Eastbourne. All of these products are installed and maintained according to BS 5306-3 guidelines.


Fire Alarms

fire alarm

Being able to detect a fire as soon as it’s started is crucial to keeping people safe and stopping it from causing too much damage. This is where fire alarms come in. With the state-of-the-art alarms that we provide, you can be assured that if a fire does occur you can begin your evacuation and safety procedures as soon as possible.

You can choose from a whole host of alarms, with our team also providing regular maintenance to ensure they’re working to the best of their ability.


Emergency Lighting

hospital corridor showing open fire doors

Sometimes a fire can lead to a power outage, something that can be frightening and dangerous for those in the building.

This is why it’s crucial to have emergency lighting in place to guide the way to safety for those looking to evacuate. It’s a legal requirement to have emergency lighting in place, and we can provide you with systems that lead people directly to designated fire exits.

All of our emergency lighting installations are in accordance with BS 5266-1, and we can also carry out regular testing to ensure they’re working effectively and your property is legally compliant.


Wet and dry risers

dry riser door

Depending on the height of your building, you may be required to have wet and dry risers installed. These risers give the fire brigade quick and easy access to a water supply to help them tackle a fire. For buildings larger than 18M you need to have a dry riser in place, which is a pipe network that emergency services can connect to, and for those taller than 50M you must have a wet riser installed.


Fire signage

Pyrotec emergency lighting

Fire signage is incredibly important in an emergency, helping direct people to their nearest exit points and away from harm if a fire has broken out. Pyrotec Fire Protection stocks fire safety signs from the industry’s biggest brands, such as Jalite, that meet BS 5499-10:2014, as well as EN ISO 7010:2019 regulations when it comes to the necessary standardisation of fire signage colours and graphics.


Fire barriers

Fire exit keep clear on black door at hotel

Sealing gaps in cavity walls, roof voids and other openings in a property, fire barriers are great at stopping fire and smoke from spreading to other areas. All buildings have different specifications, therefore our team takes a tailored approach to the installation of fire barriers while always ensuring that BS 9991 and BS 9999 are met.

From roof barriers to underfloor options, we have it all so be sure to check out Pyrotec’s extensive range.


At Pyrotec Fire Protection, we’re proud to provide commercial properties across Brighton, Crawley and Eastbourne with quality fire safety equipment that can protect them, and their employees, from fire. To learn more about our range of services, contact our friendly and reliable team today.

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