Why Does My Fire Alarm Keep Beeping?

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We’ve all been there: it’s 2am, you’re wide awake, your fire alarm has been beeping for the past four hours and it’s showing no sign of stopping. You thought you might be able to nod off anyway but, alas, you couldn’t.

We get it, there’s nothing more frustrating than a beeping alarm, which is why, this month, the Pyrotec team is going to be covering some different troubleshooting techniques to restore one of the most important pieces of fire protection equipment in your home, and of course your sanity.

The battery is low

Changing the batteries is one of the first things that you can try if there doesn’t seem to be an obvious problem with the fire alarm. You might think it’s a bit annoying that the alarm beeps incessantly when the batteries are low, but a flat battery when you need your alarm most would be much, much worse!

The battery drawer is still open

In order for the alarm to work properly, the batteries need to be securely in place and in contact with the terminals. The alarm can detect if the drawer is open as the batteries won’t be secure, which is why you might start hearing beeping. It should be easy to tell if the battery drawer is open, as you will be able to see the batteries!

Something in the way of the terminals

If you have new batteries in and the drawer is closed, then there’s a chance that there’s something in there that’s obstructing the terminals. Take the batteries out, ensure that there isn’t anything stuck in the housing, and then put the batteries back in. Hopefully this solves your problem!

Battery pull tab needs removing

If your fire alarm is still new, it could be the case that you left the battery pull tab in. This is something that you remove once you’ve managed to power the device, so if you can see it, remove it and hopefully the beeping will stop!

Changes in temperature

Another reason why your fire alarm might start beeping is due to sudden changes in temperature. For example, if your home was a little chilly and then you turned the heating on higher than usual, your alarm might be trying to signal that something is wrong. Your alarm may also start beeping if it can detect higher than usual temperatures during cooking.

End of life

Another reason why your smoke alarm might start beeping is because it’s signalling that it’s come to the end of its working life. Fire alarms usually last around eight to ten years, so if you know that yours is around that age, then it could simply be telling you that it’s time to go out and buy a new one!

Pyrotec is one of the leading fire protection companies throughout Brighton, Eastbourne and Crawley. We’re experts when it comes to fire alarm maintenance and installation, so if you need any help, you know which team to call.

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